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Enjoy. Share. Reap the Rewards.

Life-changing opportunities are hard to come by, but we’ve flipped the script on this age old belief by providing a unique opportunity to enjoy free premium wines month after month—while earning a healthy weekly income as well!

Here’s How It Works

Wine Bottle

Step 1 – Join

Getting started is easy. Click on the button below, choose your membership and begin exploring the world of fine wines with us today!

Step 2 – Enjoy the World’s Best Wines

Each month you’ll receive a selection of some of the finest wines in the world; hand-selected by expert sommeliers in exotic locales steeped in wine making tradition.

Step 3 – Share Your Wine Experiences

With exotic, taste bud tantalizing wines arriving monthly to your door, you’ll have plenty to share and experience with family, friends, and fellow wine lovers. Get three customers to join the club and enjoy your WINE FOR FREE EVERY MONTH.*

*Must be a brand partner/distributor in Australia to participate in 3 it’s free promo

Step 4 – Get Paid

In addition to free wine each month, you can also earn weekly commissions and bonuses as your team grows. The larger your team becomes, the more money you make!

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Why Our Unique Opportunity is Right for You

When you join our premier direct wine club, you’ll be able to discover new exotic wines from some of the world’s finest artisan wineries with monthly deliveries right to your front door. Unlike the wine available on store shelves, we offer wines, vintages, and flavors only found in the world’s rarest wine cellars.

Combined with our unique business opportunity and compensation plan, we offer an unparalleled experience that benefits members in a multitude of ways.

Hand-Picked by “The Wine Whisperer” Himself!

Our team of expert sommeliers is led by none other than the “The Wine Whisperer” himself, Jerry Greenfield. In addition to his exceptional expertise and excellent palate, we have exclusive rights to the wines from over 2,000 wineries from the world’s top wine regions, ensuring our members receive nothing but the finest wines all of the time.


Our Promise to You

“We’re confident in our selections – after all – our success is dependent upon our members’ continued happiness. However, should any of our selections arrive damaged – or simply not meet your standards for any reason at all – simply let us know and we’ll send you a replacement bottle.”


Record Shattering 93% Retention Rate!

Taking Over the Wine Club World

At Connoisseurs Wine Club , we’re proud to be one of the world’s fastest growing wine clubs (with the best members in the world).

We’re also proud of our INCREDIBLE 93% retention rate!

However, we’re not content. Our vision is one of grandeur. We want to be the largest wine club the world has ever seen. Best of all, we’ve unlocked the keys to the kingdom and know how to achieve this vision in three simple steps:

Wine Bottle

Step 1

Provide our members with the finest wines and service anywhere. Our extremely high retention rate is a reflection of this.

Step 2

Pay our distributors and not the advertisers. We loathe the idea of paying millions to some big ad agency. Instead, we want the average person to be able to benefit from our wine club and earn an income from home. After all, word of mouth is the best advertising there is.


Time to Get Paid!

Our compensation plan extends far beyond free bottles of wine. While this is a nice perk, we designed our plan to allow anyone with no experience at all to begin enjoying great rewards right away.

Check Math


Receive a matching bonus of both the Dual Team and Uni-Level commissions earned by your personally enrolled team members. From a 1-Star ranking and beyond, you can begin earning 3-10% matching bonuses up to four levels!

Fast Start Bonus


Receive a $125-$250 bonus on the very first product purchased by anyone you enrolled. This bonus applies to upgraded customers as well.

Uni Level


Receive a bonus of up to 10% on the entire business volume, or BV, of your team up to nine levels deep. With this lucrative, life-changing compensation structure, you’re not going at it alone. Others are literally helping to build your business for you!

Dual Team


Receive a bonus of up to 20% on the entire BV of your team. You must have one brand partner in both your left and right organizations.

Part-Time Work, Full-Time Pay

Many of our members have become successful sharing our wines with family and friends. Others throw tasting parties or harness the Internet to gain customers and build a network of distributors across the country.

With our premium wines and compensation plan, you have the power and freedom to make whatever you want working whenever you want.

Ever dreamed of part-time work for full-time pay? With us, it’s a possibility many of our members have turned into a six-figure reality!

A fun team environment where you will be supported and encouraged to grow and be successfull.

You have complete freedom to put as little or as much effort into your business depending on your goals.

Some distributors have fun sharing wine part-time and earn extra income weekly to pay bills, car payments and groceries.

Others take it to the next level and make this their full-time income, where the income potential is unlimited and completely up to you and your efforts.



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Contact Connoisseurs Wine Club

When is the best time to reach you:

8AM – 12PM12PM – 5PM5PM – 10PM

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