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Are you a blossoming wine connoisseur? Are you bored of your default red or white wines and looking to expand your wine palate? The Connoisseurs Wine Club may be the perfect solution for you to branch out and taste new wines. Our wine club brings delicious wines direct from the cellars to your doorstep on a monthly basis. We are the fastest growing direct wine club, serving Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Our wines are so great, we have been featured internationally on major television networks and in worldwide publications. Now is your chance to become a member and enjoy our amazing, constantly-evolving repertoire of wines.

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Becoming a member of our wine club

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Our wine experts sample and select some of the finest, most exotic wines on the market. Are you a white, red or rosé wine drinker? No problem – with decades of experience, let our direct cellars sommeliers do the hard work for you!


Because of our strong bonds with international wineries and distributors, we are able to stock wine in our inventory at some of the lowest prices possible, and we are not hesitant to share these savings with our subscribers. Avoid the extra fees that retail stores add on to their wine prices, and choose to get your wine straight from the source. Our relationships with international wineries include Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Australia (and we keep adding more sources to our inventory).

Wine tasting notes

Become a Wine Expert

In addition to providing you with wines from all over the world, we will also teach you the life-lasting skill of appreciating fine wines. Along with the bottles you receive from our monthly service, we include tasting notes and food suggestions that will perfectly pair with each bottle we send. Your palate will become more refined; understanding the history of each wine, in addition to the rich variety of flavour profiles that make the flavours of each wine shine.

Earn free wine

Earn FREE Wine!

One of the greatest perks of joining our wine club is the potential to cut your costs even further by earning free wine. By referring friends and family to our wine club, you help us expand our membership, and we will in turn reward you for your referrals. If you can maintain three customers with active status each month, we will send you your wine for free. How could you pass up an offer to receive some of the best wines available – at no cost to you?

100% Product Guarantee

We offer a product guarantee that protects your purchase. If you receive wine that is damaged in transport, or you simply do not enjoy the wine that was delivered, we will replace any damaged bottles or a disagreeable wine selection at no additional fee.

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If you have any questions regarding our products, membership, or if you would simply prefer to interact with a customer service representative, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. On our website, you can fill out a call or email back request, and we will reach out to you at a time that works best for your schedule.

With world-renowned wines and a curated package sent to your doorstep every month, take advantage of our services now. We treat our members right, and we know that our services will be a worthwhile investment for any wine enthusiast.

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